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What does mean "Tomorrow ready"

Tomorrow ready - is section that provides information regarding our free resources that can start working on your project tomorrow. This can be an interesting opportunity for you or your clients. So don't miss it!

Act fast! If you have need in "tomorrow ready" resources, it is better to start negotiations now, as resources can be redeemed in the near future.

What does mean "Resources on Request"

Resources on Request - is section were you can find possible available resources for your project. Please, send us request and we will check our scheduler, and will reply you. Usually we can start work on your project in 1 week - 1 month.

Or you can send specification of your project for tech audit, and we can do scheduler for you with available resources.

Other options

Also you can just send info regarding your project, probably we already have ready components that can fit your needs and save you money and time.

We are interested in long term relationships. We can try to do small piece of work for you to see how it goes. If both sides will be happy it will be great to continue!

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How to get CV?

You can have CV without NDA for 2 devs - Ivan and Pavel. If you want access to all CV's you need to send us request with sufficient info about you and sign our NDA.

For HR's - we are interested working with you.

Tomorrow Ready

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