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  • Our expertise in React JS
  • Advantages of using React JS
  • What problem Virtual Dom solves?

Our experience based on working with ES6, JSX, Redux, webpack, NPM, SPA.

We choose React JS because the power of React lies in simplicity, modularity, composition.

Real benefit in React JS is the Virtual DOM.

  • Easy to know how a component is rendered, you just look at the render function
  • Reusable components to boost productivity
  • Faster rendering with Virtual DOM
  • Server side rendering comes out of the box for React JS, making it easier to manipulate and render the DOM and the code
  • JSX makes it easy to read the code of your components. It is also really easy to see the layout, or how components are plugged/combined with each other. It ensures readability, makes maintainability easier
  • You can use React JS with workflows (such as Flux or Redux)
  • It is easy to test

Virtual DOM is in-memory representation of Real DOM. It is lightweight JavaScript object which is copy of Real DOM.

Updating virtual DOM in React JS is faster because React JS uses efficient diff algorithm.

Virtual DOM is solving issues related to performance.

Our React JS Projects.

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