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  • Our expertise in Python
  • What does it mean to be a Python development company?
  • Why Python?
  • Where is Python used?

Python is our main tech platform and we try to be the best in this field. We are constantly improving our skills in different areas of Python, finding optimal approaches for solving various problems.

We are working on the development quality in the field of organization development applications. We implement a variety of approaches in testing and much more. We always monitor the development of key projects in Python finding optimal solutions.

Cornerstone of our strategy is our developers. We studied best of students from our universities and create enabling environment for grow up and self-development. For every our project we select the developer or team of developers who are more convenient for this project. Python for all our developers is not only a job, it's their hobby and self-realization.

We use Django for quick prototyping, Flask for second versions of products with maximum optimization and customization of inner structure. Also, Python is used as main computer programming language in our Data Science/AI projects. We develop them on the NumPy and scikit-learn databases.

In general, this implies that your programmers are more experienced with using Python as a programming language for developing various web products and applications.

In short, there are plenty of computer programming languages used to develop computer things. Although Java and C are the most popular languages used, there are also many other languages - C++, PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, JavaScript and Python. Yet, Python is considered by some users as a style for more serious and experienced developers.

Python is a computer language used in many companies like CoreTech for coding and developing internet sites and applications. Bank of America uses Python as a primary language for most of their systems due to its comparatively low usage of lines of code. This quality decreases the risk of issues and problems, facilitates maintenance or any adjustments and repair if needed.

Python is also used in such well-known applications as YouTube, Dropbox, Reddit and Quora. What is more, Google considers Python as one of its official computer languages.

Python’s coding enhances flexibility, which, in its turn, might be very useful for developing websites, applications and desktop apps. Moreover, it decreases the time spent on getting products to the markets, which is a great advantage in a modern fast business world.

CoreTech employs top programmers that are qualified in different programming languages, including Python, which enables delivery of optimal solutions and products to different types of clients.

By being the company specializing in Python, CoreTech is the best choice for you especially in every case when a Python is the best fit for your type of development.

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