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Python Quick Request

Our expertise in Python

Python is our main tech platform and we try to be the best in this field. We are constantly improving our skills in different areas of Python, finding optimal approaches for solving various problems.

We are working on the development quality in the field of organization development applications, always monitor the development of key projects in Python finding optimal solutions.

We use Django for quick prototyping, Flask for second versions of products with maximum optimization and customization of inner structure. Also, Python is used as main computer programming language in our Data Science/AI projects. We develop them on the NumPy and scikit-learn databases.

Python for all our developers is not only a job, it's their hobby and self-realization.

How we work

  • You send request. We check it.
  • Quick discussion next day.
  • Contract -> work.

Our Time Zone

We are located in Minsk, Belarus. We are flexible: our work schedule - from 8 AM to 10 PM and 10+ PM communication.

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Languages: English Intermediate/Russian

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