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What We Do?

CoreTech team delivering quality software solutions and help your business grow. Our main fields of interest - Python, Django, Fintech solutions, Blockchain, DevOps and DataScience.
Also we development our own components and products that may be interesting and useful for your business.

Python development

Python is main focus of our company because it's scalable, multipurpose and just comfortable for developers.

DevOps solutions

Our DevOps based on experience working with CI, dockerization, AWS, monitoring, backup and security our customers.

image reactjs

React JS development

React is a component-based, efficient, fast and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Blockchain development

Development based on deep understanding of Blockchain/Smart Contracts processes and technologies.

Fintech development

Set of ready fintech components forming unique infrastructure for custom projects. Secure, transparent, easy to monitor and highload ready.

Data Science development

Getting valuable info for you from your data is our passion. Mine hidden knowledge with us!

High load opimization

Nginx tuning, varnish, database optimization - and 50 000 users per server - yep, it's possible for affordable price!

AI training

Train AI to do valuable work for you with us. Protect your money, gather risks information and many more!