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How we work

Technology stack focus

During the existence of the company, a stack of technologies was formed. Focusing on these technologies allows us to cover the entire development phase. CoreTech will not enter the technology if it does not see long-term perspectives in it.


Efficiency in our company is one of the main factors of success. Business processes in CoreTech are built into a unified management system for maximum efficiency. Orientation on it gives advantages in the final result of work and resource control.

Quick decisions

We instantly react and instantly change. If a large corporation need a few years to change its main business processes, then it takes us a week to change the fundamental business processes.

Full stack solution

The possibility of CoreTech is creation of a closed development cycle. The cycle is formed in such a way that it does not depend on other links in the overall chain, as this degrades quality of the final product being developed. Solutions with a full stack of technologies allow the company to form a complete development cycle from CI processes to production support.

All in House

We do not accept outsourcing in any way. All the development is conducted inside the company. This provides a very high level of quality and safety. Key technical processes will never be outsourced - it reduces quality, worsens predictability and leads to a decrease in control over the process.

Our objectives

The growth of the company's turnover is not a priority. The priority task is to maintain efficiency and manageability, as well as preserve the cumulative effect of the technological stack (many companies are focused on profit growth, while we work to increase knowledge with each new project). We maintain the balance of these indicators at the proper level, having at our disposal management tools.

Risk control

CoreTech is an expert in risk management. In the event of external factors threatening the operation of the company, we will immediately resolve this situation right up for relocation. The company is insured against unforeseen circumstances.

Maximally efficient use

Any experience gained goes through the stage of analysis and adaptation to business processes. One way to encapsulate the experience was to create components that make it easier to work with new projects.

Why is "CoreTech"

Our position in this matter - you can think long over the name of the company, but it's better to spend this time on the internal content. Today we are CoreTech, but if necessary we can rebrand.