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  • Our expertise in high load nginx optimization

Large projects need large infrastructure and elaborate architecture. That's what we can do. Our expertise in high load optimization:

  1. Architecture design.
    We can design architecture of any complexity level, we can push multiple separate database, front-end, back-end servers with the help of caching systems (Redis, Memcache, etc), separate servers for asynchronous tasks, etc. We always focused on system failover and accessibility.
  2. Problem diagnosis
    It's possible to debug different kind of system problems and find bottlnecks. Our tools are - deep Unix knowledges, monitoring software for networks and applications like Zabbix, Nagios. We use google analytics to detect problems on client side too - page timing, user timing.
  3. Server side optimization.
    Include software configuration depending on the hardware: web server - nginx, databases - Myql, Postgres, NoSql solutions, source code profiling, etc
  4. Client side optimization.
    We'll do css\js concatenation and minification, correct HTTP headers, css spriting, CDN and even pictures optimization for web!
  5. Scaling.
    Сompetent architecture is 90% of success when you need to scale your application. We can handle with database replication(mostly for backups), vertical/horizontal sharding, Elastic Search, etc
  6. Deployment.
    Our goals are: A minimum of manual intervention, high performance, Independence of execution on the number of servers, the ability to quickly return to the latest stable version. What we'll use: correct workflow, Ansible.

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