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  • Our expertise in Fintech
  • Our Fintech tools and solutions

Our expertise in Fintech based on:

  • Transaction engine
  • Action engine
  • Flexible action control engine
  • CryptoWallets platform
  • Smart contracts development - ERC20
  • Cryptocurrencies exchanges
  • Secure reports platform

Backtesting tool that helps to test efficiency, profitability of your strategy using historical data Quandl.

Platform for managing your cryptocurrency wallets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. The Platform includes automatic backup system and provides privacy & security, multi-currency, great user support, user-friendly.

Flexible and customizable payment solution for businesses. Platform helps your in-house teams get to work safely with their collaborators, hassle free, with no delays at onboarding and no delays at payment.

Simpler smarter blockchain-based fundraising platform for science, open-source and non-profit organizations. The platform mission is to create accessible, safe tools for preparing, launching and managing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) operations.

Our Fintech Projects.

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