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DevOps Quick Request

Our expertise in DevOps

Our expertise in DevOps based on working with CI solutions, Amazon AWS management, dockerization, automation tools like SaltStack, Ansible, DC/OS, monitoring, deployment automation, automatic backup system and security for our customers.

Our DevOps engineering skills include automated build, configuration management, test and deployment across environments, helps measure and visualize throughput and stability.

Our DevOps team were involved into the development of a different projects and provided high performance, solid, quality and security for our clients. In january 2019 we are planning to expand the DevOps department to provide the work of the department in 24/7 mode.

How we work

  • You send request. We check it.
  • Quick discussion next day.
  • We are locate resources (from 1 week to 1 month).
  • Contract -> work.

Our Time Zone

We are located in Minsk, Belarus. We are flexible: our work schedule - from 8 AM to 10 PM and 10+ PM communication.

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Languages: English Intermediate/Russian

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