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  • Our expertise in Data Science
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We do a unique job to analyze your data. If you have an array of data from where you want to get required information - we can help you. We will analyze the data to find the best mathematical tool, localize problems and find ways to solve them.

Also we can advise how you can get more information from your data than you have been planned. We can create practically realtime based on CUDA analysis system. So if you want to analyze betting odds, optimize campaigns in Google AdWords and more - contact us, and we will help your business be much more effective and stand head and shoulder above the competition.

Recently, there have been many disputes among scholars and practitioners about what data science actually is. Does it refer only to big data? What is big data? When data science has appeared? In which way does it differ from statistics or analytics?

Data science can be determined as a transformative path in interdisciplinary areas such as business analytics that integrates computer technology, business modeling, statistics, mathematical economy, analytics, and mathematics.

In fact, data science applies automated methods to analyze big amounts of data and derive relevant information and conclusions from them. By using such automated techniques appearing in almost all scientific areas, data science develops new branches of science. This tendency is forecasted to accelerate further in the nearest future as data from mobile devises, sophisticated applications and technologies, Internet, etc increases. In academic studies, we will observe a progressively big number of new sub-disciplines with names starting from such words as "computational" and “quantitative”. Within national economies, we will observe data science altering everything from social life to medicine.

Almost in all fields of intellectual inquiry, data science proposes new strong methods for scientific investigations. By incorporating statistics, computer technology, econometrics, as well as visualization, data science transforms the big data created in the digital era into new vision and new knowledge.

Data scientists employ technologies and their expertise to raise awareness, simplicity and guidance for those dealing with data. One of their purposes is to adapt new developments occurring in modern digital world and to diminish any shortcoming that technology and data might bring. Data Scientists display the data only with a recognition of the consequences of the data demonstrations.

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