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  • Our expertise in Blockchain
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We have an excellent expertise in bitcoin. We have a complete understanding of the processes associated with the bitcoin at the lowest level, starting with cryptography based on elliptical curves. Our CEO and founder lectures about the blockchain (unfortunately they are still only available in Russian).

We can create for you your own blockchain, protect it from the powers of the miners at the first stages, create unique genesis blocks and much more.

Blockchain is a data storage method or a digital transaction registry. Its main difference and undeniable advantage is that this registry is not stored in any one place. It is distributed among several hundreds and even thousands of computers all over the world.

Digital records are combined into "blocks", which are then linked cryptographically and chronologically into a "chain" using complex mathematical algorithms. Each block is associated with the previous one and contains a set of records.

The encryption process, known as hashing, is performed by a large number of different computers running on the same network. If, as a result of their calculations, they all receive the same result, the block is assigned a unique digital signature. As soon as the registry is updated and a new block is formed, it can no longer be changed. Thus, it is impossible to forge it. You can only add new entries to it. It is important to consider that the registry is updated on all computers on the network at the same time.

The distributed nature of the Blockchain databases makes hacking almost impossible, because for this need to simultaneously access the copies of the database on all computers on the network. Technology also allows you to secure personal data, because the hashing process is irreversible.

The main advantages of using Blockchain software are the transparency of the transactions carried out and the multiple copying of all these transactions in such a way that each participant in the process always has information about each step of all partners.

New projects on the Blockchain will be based on its main advantages - openness, security, protection.

Our Blockchain Projects.

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